A Sugary Diet May Be Increasing Your Cancer Risk


Cancer remains one of the top five causes of death globally and in 2012 accounted for 8.2 million deaths worldwide (according to the World Health Organisation.)

As scientists search in earnest for the elusive cure to cancer, it is important to note that you can take action to reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Diet is a significant starting point in reducing your risk of Cancer. Specifically, you can take steps to lower your consumption of sugar and sugary items.

Dr Joseph Mercola highlights how sugar is a key contributor to Cancer in his article detailing how elevated blood sugar levels set the stage for cancer growth.

Here are three points of information we learnt from his article:

  • Sugar causes cell damage (mitochondrial dysfunction)“One of the key mechanisms by which sugar promotes cancer and other chronic disease is by causing mitochondrial dysfunction. Sugar is not an ideal fuel for your body as it burns “dirty,” creating far more reactive oxygen species (ROS) than fat does when it’s metabolized.”
  • Cancer cells feed on sugar

    “Cancer cells are primarily fueled by the burning of sugar anaerobically. Without sugar, most cancer cells simply lack the metabolic flexibility to survive.”
  • High blood sugar is connected to insulin resistance is connected to chronic disease

    “Continuously eating more than your body really needs promotes insulin resistance by the mere fact that your cells are stressed by the additional work placed on them by the excess nutrients. Insulin resistance in turn is at the heart of most chronic disease, including cancer.”

Read Dr Mercola’s full article here:


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