Better Than Noodles Organic Konnyaku Noodles 385g


Better Than Noodles. Made from a mixture of Organic Konnyaku flour and Organic Oat Fibre, these noodles are a great alternative to your usual noodles, a source of fibre and are low calorie, low GI, gluten, wheat, fat, sugar and salt free.

Better Than Foods has a range of healthy and tasty pasta noodles and rice alternatives. Organic Konjac range is made from organic Konnyaku flour from the Konjac plant. Healthy ready to eat meals are made from a unique Konjac recipe with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The latest addition is the Konjac range made from a unique recipe that gives konjac food a texture far better than regular konjac and without the need of water, so theres no need to drain or rinse.


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