Organico Organic Wild Red Rice 500g


Organico special selection rice are premium varieties of rice produced directly on the farm that grows the rice. Organico speciality rice is grown and packed for us in Biancé in the heart of the century-old rice fields of the Northern Po valley. Originating from wild seeds, red rice is a ”super-food” rich in minerals salts, particularly selenium, antioxidants, iron and proteins and is easily digested.

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The range includes our multi-award winning Nerone Black wholegrain rice, a gold great taste winning wild red rice and our speciality Carnaroli risotto rice. You might also enjoy our ready-to-eat risotto mixes. Enjoy!”

Our growers, the Picco family, have been cultivating rice here since 1878.

Great taste gold 2013, Certified organic by MIPAAF


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