Knee Or Joint Pain? Try Glucosamine

It’s hard to imagine what a young gym-goer and a sixty-something year old might have in common…but chances are both suffer from joint pain.

Whether it’s the age-related onset of arthritis (or osteoarthritis) or the result of heavy weight lifting, joint paint is a painful and activity-limiting affliction.

Joint pain is often caused by the reduction of cartilage and fluid around the joints due to age or certain repetitive movements or strain. This leads to rubbing of the bones and tenderness.


The Glucosamine supplement (specifically Glucosamine Sulphate) helps lower inflammation, rebuild tissue and stronger bones, and preserve joint health.

As the Glucosamine compound is naturally occurring in the body it is considered very safe, well-tolerated and low-risk. It functions as one of the body’s joint lubricants and natural shock absorbers, allowing us to move fluidly and without pain.

As a supplement Glucosamine is most effective when taken in combination with Chondroitin, which is another naturally occurring supplement found in cartilage.


Glucosamine is an effective joint health supplement, but it’s also much more.

Its natural anti-inflammatory properties make it useful in treating inflammatory bowel diseases and fighting stomach, bladder or intestinal irritation. It is a helpful supplement for improving digestive function and protects and repairs the gut lining.

So, young or old, Glucosamine can probably help you.


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